I’ve been a digital artist for over 15+ years, eight (8+) of those years is in the video game industry.

Proficient in creating UI / UX, logo design, web design, print, front end web coding, hard surface assets (3D), environmental modeling (3D) and motion graphics. I have successful experience in leading teams of artists, designers, programmers and sound engineers. Over four (4+) years outsource management experience, India for one (1+) year, States for two (2+) years and China for (1+) year.

Strong communication is part of my core foundation and a vital skill set on any project. I’ve made it a habit to always double check with the team(s) home or abroad, to make sure what is needed or delegated is fully understood.

Having such a passion for art, emerging technologies and methodologies I created (everything but the programming which was handled by Ivgeni Segal) my first iOS game called “Rollgo”. I spent almost two (2+) years creating the Rollgo IP under Pearanha Games. In that time I created 35 documents, 50 motion graphic videos outlining game mechanics, 26 still images for final asset placement, flow charts, excel spread sheets, trailers for the games (which can be found on Youtube under their respective names), endlessly searched for the best music loop tracks you can find on the net and over 30 sound f/x files.

My main goal at the end of the day is to produce the highest quality art assets/ IP one can create.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

  • 15+ years as a digital artist.
  • 8+ years experience in low/ high poly modeling.
  • Proficient in creating UIs, logo design, web design, print, front end web coding (HTML, CSS), hard surface assets (3D), environment modeling (3D), and motion graphics.
  • 4+ years experience with outsource management in lead roles.
  • Production tools Maya (primary), 3Ds Max, Zbrush (Primary), Mudbox, Vue, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Topogun, Headus, Unfold 3D, Poly Cruncher, Mesh Lab.
  • Able to take criticism & incorporate requested changes into final product. Adept at 2D / 3D design, texturing, modeling, compositing, & art direction. Creating game, cinematic assets, & environments.
  • Peerless ability to create useable assets from very little reference.
  • Self motivated; able to oversee a project from concept to completion.

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